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Sunday, October 18, 2009 @ 01:10 PM
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The Pacific coast of Colombia is probably the part of this country that has the closest link with Africa.

On the left - El Pacifico


This region, stuck between the Ocean and the Andean mountains, is home to the descendant of slave maroons who have kept passing on the music of there ancestors.



The most singular instrument is called Marimba and is the equivalent of the xylophone largely used in the west side of Africa. 

Image of Maimba stolen from


This instrument is showed at its best in a music called Currulao, adding subtle harmonies to the more abrupt sounds of the drums. 



Grupo Sacavon – Homenaje a Justino

You can see the band better following this link.



In the recent times, influence the outside world has brought new styles amongst them, Champeta with fresh African influence, Salsa/Cumbia and Hip-Hop.



Hip-hop has become mainstream and been widely taken over by the younger generation in many countries. The band Choc Quib Town, named after their department and city, El Choco and Quibdo, is the best example of Afro-Colombian Hip Hop.


Stolen from


Their hit is Somos Pacifico is infused with the tones of the Marimba. They will be in London for a unique concert in on Thursday 29th October 09.



Choc Quib Town – Somos Pacifico




Salsa, Cumbia and the mix of both have made their way too with bands like Markitos y su Sabrosura and Los Nemus del Pacifico the later has for many decades provided the best Cuban style Colombian Salsa


Markitos y so Sabrosura – Asi es mi tierra

Los Nemus del Pacifico – No me mientas


Finally Champeta ‘the Colombian Reggaeton’ is the new craze with enormous sounds systems, the most famous one brought by Rey de Rocha ‘Reynaldo’. It is becoming according to my friend Andrea the new thing in the clubs of Bogota and Cali.




Rey de Rocha sound system


The biggest and most famous music producer is Discos Fuentes and most of the songs mentionned above are easy to find on your preferred download software.